Vehicle to Person Alert System

Accidental collisions between vehicles and pedestrians is one of the biggest concerns on a construction site as it remains a primary cause of fatal and non-fatal injuries to worker and non-worker. The vision of the driver is often impaired due to carrying large loads, driving around blind corners or trying to manoeuvre the vehicle around tight or difficult objects or roads. The risk of an accidental collision is therefore increased as a result of this especially in conditions where vehicle operators and pedestrians work in close proximity to each other.

Every day there are near misses where a potentially fatal accidents are avoided just by chance as pedestrian and workers are going undetected by a forklift truck and plant machinery due to limited vision. It is the employers responsibility to protect their employees and to limit and manage interactions with machinery.

The ZoneSafe Vehicle to Person Alert was the first proximity warning system created to try combat this exact problem and reduce the risk of accidents between vehicles and pedestrians on site. This system offers a flexible solution for all industries as it fits to all vehicle types and can be set to work at the distance preferred by the driver.

How does the Vehicle To Person Alert Work?

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A ZoneSafe unit is fitted to the vehicle inside the cab control unit and the active tag is worn by the pedestrians working in the surrounding area of the vehicle. The system will provide a warning to the vehicle driver when a pedestrian wearing an active tag enters the detection zone around the vehicle. The operator is notified by the alarm that the pedestrian is in close proximity to the vehicle and can take appropriate action to prevent a collision. The alarm will only stop once the pedestrian has left the detection zone and is in a safe distance.