ZoneSafe Proximity Warning Systems

Ensuring a safe working environment in areas where people and vehicles work in close proximity is essential. It is the pedestrian that are most at risk with accidental collisions between a person and a forkfilt often resulting in a severe injuries and fatalities. These accidents often occur because a pedestrian is not aware of an operating vehicle within close proximity, however, ZoneSafe proximity warning & alert systems offer a solution to improve site safety where pedestrians and vehicles are alerted when the come into proximity. It is the only two way interaction system on the market.

A work site with a strong safety culture benefits from higher morale, improved confidence and increased productivity. ZoneSafe has many applications and can be used in a number of business sectors including: a factory, warehouse, construction site, recycling plant or port. Using identification and detection technologies, audible alarms, flashing lights, data logging and event management software, ZoneSafe provides intelligent and cost effective solutions that can improve site safety, awareness and efficiency.

How does it work?

Radio frequency identification (RFID) technology allows ZoneSafe to construct detection zones around vehicles, assets, crossing points and walkways.
Active tags can be use in several ways: worn by staff, fitted to assets or setup around hazards. Once the tags are in operation, the proximity warning system identifies the tags when entering the detection zone. An audible visual alert is then generated cautioning vehicle operators of the close distance between the tag and the vehicle. ZoneSafe tags will be identified regardless of obstructions, blind spots or poor visibility. Some of the features of the ZoneSafe proximity warning system are:

  • 360 Degree Detection
  • Single or Multiple Detection Zones
  • 3-9 Metre Detection Range
  • Detection Regardless of Obstruction
  • Event Data and Logging