Prolift Safety provide a range of site safety services to clients in the pharmaceutical, construction, project management, manufacturing and utilities business sectors.
Our team work closely with the client at every step of the process to ensure the desired end goal is met and the service is delivered to the highest quality.

Safety Training

Prolift Safety can provide a large selection of safety training services through a highly experienced and diverse team of trainers. Some of the courses on offer include: Safe use of lifting equipment, working at heights, ladder safety and teleporter training.

Testing Services

Our Testing services are there to help your company ensure the equipment is safe for all those working or accessing your site. Our testing services include proof load testing, quarry brake testing, non-destructive testing, ultrasonic testing, dye-penetrant testing and hardness testing.

Inspection Services

Prolift Safety offer a wide variety of Inspection services including : Height Safety Equipment (harnesses, lanyards, fall arrest gear), pressure systems (steam boilers, air receivers) and work equipment (pallet trucks, bottle jacks, passenger conveyors).

Safety Consultancy Services

Our team is equipped through their vast array of skills, knowledge and experience to help companies of all industries find a solution to any challenge they face. They have worked with many business sectors to broaden their competencies to suit all industries.

Lift And Shift Division

Prolift Safety offer professional lifting advise and supervision to all industry sectors. Our team is experienced in different sectors and specialise in heavy lifting, lift study preparation, methodology preparation and job safety analysis. Our lift and shift division can help your company ensure a safe site for all involved.

GA1 Certification

Our Expertise includes:

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Our Promise To You

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