ZoneSafe Insight Data Management

The ZoneSafe Proximity Warning & Alert System helps to increase site safety by reducing the risk of collisions on the work site. However, identifying, monitoring and improving areas of risk on the work site is often a challenge for business owners or project management teams as accidental collisions or injuries are often left unreported.

ZoneSafe Insight is a cloud based system which uses identification technology and data logging to record important analytical information and improve awareness of collision risks to help keep workers and assets safe while on site. Keeping a log of where and when the tags enter the detection zones will help give businesses a stronger understanding of how the industrial machinery and pedestrians are interacting on the site. Insight presents the information in a clear and coherent manner to make the data easy to read and follow. This information can then be used to develop a stronger safety plan, improve traffic management and improve site safety

Some of the features and benefits of ZoneSafe Insight include:

  • GPS location tracking and Tag detection
  • Identify, analyse and compare events
  • Check battery status of all tags
  • Assign tags to pedestrians and drivers
  • Create custom reports of data collected
  • Manage Safety Performance
  • Log unauthorised access attempts and restrict access of Personnel and Vehicles