Asset Protection

All companies have assets that need to be protected in the working environment. These assets come in all shapes and could be high value equipment, dangerous products or an important marker on the site. Whatever the reason, these assets need to be protected from moving vehicles and pedestrians which are all working in close proximity to the asset. The ZoneSafe Safety Detection Cone helps to reduce the risk of damage to an asset and increase safety and awareness on the work site.

The Asset Protection System helps reduce the risk of collision and damage to assets by placing ZoneSafe safety cones fixed with tags around a designated area. Each cone has been integrated with a ZoneSafe tag to create a detection zone around the asset or product. A ZoneSafe antenna and a ZoneSafe in-cab unit is fitted to any vehicle working in close proximity to the safety cone which sounds an alarm once the vehicle enters the detection zone of 360 degrees with a configurable distance of 3-9 metres.

An example of where this system can be used is around aircrafts while they are being services on the ramp by GSE operators. A specific Aircraft Damage Protection System has also been created to target these collisions specifically, however, they work in a similar manner.

How Asset Protection Works

  • The safety detection cones are placed around the aircraft or asset (the blue dots in this example)
  • The ZoneSafe unit and antenna are fitted to any vehicle working in the surroundings of the asset which can then detect the safety cone once in the detection zone.
  • If the vehicle enters the activation zone, the alarm will sound until the vehicle has left the zone.
  • The alarm can be muted if the vehicle will be stationary in the detection zone for a long period.