Site Safety Products

Site Safety provide a range of safety products to clients in the Construction, Facilities, Utilities, Maintenance, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, Mechanical & Electrical and Project Management Companies sectors. We supply a selection of products such as height safety equipment as would be used by roofers, tree surgeons etc (harnesses, fall arresters, lifelines and anchor points), proximity warning systems and ladders and access.

To ensure the highest standards are maintained, we have built strong business relations with quality manufacturers and are official distributors for Tractel height safety equipment, Zonesafe proximity warning systems and ZARGES ladders and access equipment. All the equipment we sell is European manufacture and meets all EN requirements. CE certificates, batch certified and test certificates can be supplied with all equipment.

We don’t just deliver products, our business solutions approach also delivers value at every stage of the supply process. Whatever your requirement we will aim to have a solution for you so please don’t hesitate to browse our products and contact our sales team for a quotation.

Browse Our Safety Products

  • Height Safety Equipment

    Height Safety Equipment

    Our vast selection of height safety equipment helps eliminate or reduces the risk slip or fall when you are working at height. With Tractel as our height safety equipment supplier you are guaranteed that all our products meet the necessary EN Standards .
  • Ladders & Access | Step Ladders And Platforms

    Ladders & Access | Step Ladders And Platforms

    With our extensive range of step ladders, work platforms, fixed ladders and mobile scaffold towers we have something to all access applications.
  • Proximity Warning Systems

    Proximity Warning Systems

    This proximity alert system helps reduce the risk of accidental collisions between vehicles such as forklift trucks / construction machinery and pedestrians by improving situational awareness and safety culture across work sites.