Proximity Warning System Applications

The most frequent use of the Zonesafe proximity warning system is for vehicle to person detection, however, there are other applications for this system. Each of these applications aims to improve the safety of the workers on site and can be used as either a standalone system or as part of a combined solution.

The range of applications for the Zonesafe Proximity Warning  & Alert Systems include:

  • Vehicle to Person Alert – Prevent accidental collisions between vehicles and pedestrian workers.
  • Walkway Alert – Prevent collisions that occur around corners or at blind spots by making the pedestrian more aware of their surroundings.
  • Crossing Alert – The use of warnings and restricted movement between the vehicle and the pedestrian helps to prevent accidental collisions at crossings.
  • Vehicle Detection System –  Long range vehicle to vehicle detection solution
  • Asset Protection – Place the safety detection cone at an asset or hazard to create a detection zone.
  • Aircraft Damage Protection – Protect aircraft while being serviced on the ramp.
  • Vehicle Access Control – Restricting access to authorised vehicles through an automated barrier system.
  • Personnel Access Control – Restricted Access for personnel through alerted doors or turnstiles.

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