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  • Tractel Elastrac Comfort Pack for Tractel Harnesses

    The Advantages Of The Tractel Elastrac Comfort Pack Are As Follows:

    • A harness much more comfortable than standard harnesses.
    • Increased ease of movement thanks to the Elastrac™ straps controlled extension.
    • Right balance in between the strap flexibility and rigidity thanks to the proven concept of the Elastrac™ case.
    • Elastrac™ strap lasts up to 10 times more than standard elastic straps.
    • The case cannot be broken if used normally.
    • Elastrac™ strap much more resistant to climatic and chemical aggressions than standard elastic straps.
    • Increased security: control of the harness extension in case of a fall: +/-12 cm with a mass of 100 kg.

    Other technical data:
    Mountain leg strap with sub-pelvic straps.
    Independent leg strap for improved shoulder mobility.
    2 Elastrac™ cases.
    Complies with EN 361 standard.
    Patented concept.

    Available for HT 44, HT 45, HT46, HT54, HT55, HT56 and some of the technical Harnesses Models. 

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